About Rattray Park

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Rattray Park Cherishes These Core Values

We enrich lives through quality parks and programs by helping you to live longer, be happier, feel great, reduce stress lose weight, build family unity, create great memories and memorable experiences.
We strive to promote health and wellness by helping people to play, learn and develop a greater capacity to life.

Responsiveness And Innovation

We anticipate and thoughtfully respond to the diverse needs of the city's communities whiles continually seeking ways to better deliver park and recreational services.

Increase Community Pride

We try to bring the Garden City back to its lost glory by striving to preserve, enhance and protect our open spaces to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations in a safe and secure environment.


We will offer these programs in safe, attractive and well-maintained facilities that will reflect the needs and interests of the public, whiles providing an outstanding park experience for visitors.

Embracing Technology

We provide a technologically-friendly environment to enable the public to connect with the world whiles engaging with nature at its best.